Product Stewardship to Minimize Product Impacts

Whether your firm is large or small, SPS Sustainability Solutions can help your product sustainability program launch or improve. Our out of-the-box and customized product stewardship solutions will help you conceive, develop and scale your sustainability solutions so you can focus on what you do best – making and selling your products. Throughout, you’ll be building sustainability into the DNA of your business.

For us, sustainable performance is more than a buzzword – it’s what we do. In today’s competitive business environment, just saying you are green is not enough; greening your brand requires greening everything you do in a credible way. Whether you want customers to see you in a whole new way, or you want to follow through on your green brand promises, we can help. Truly sustainable business activities set your brand apart; we work behind the scenes to create the infrastructure that you need.

Unsure how to recycle your waste or products? Having trouble justifying your environmental initiatives or making them more effective? Struggling to prioritize your efforts? At SPS, our know-how can provide the solution.

→ Product Takeback

Through our experience with the leading footwear recycling program and numerous others engaging both companies and consumers, we have know-how that has successfully recovered tons of materials. Whether your products are used by companies or consumers or shipped by pallet or package, we can build a takeback program that measurably minimizes your waste footprint of your product portfolio.

→ Recycling

As far as we know, we are the only place you can send your footwear and other products made of rubber and other polymers for true recycling. We know how to harvest materials from these complex products, and how to process them to give the materials new life.

→ Product De-engineering

Recovering materials from your products is one thing; advancing their utility in real-life applications is another. Our know-how in materials science, processing technologies and product development helps us build a truly sustainable life cycle for your products. Our recycled material products are crafted as carefully as the products we recover and recycle, meeting the highest standards safety, purity, consistency and performance. That means long term solutions for your products and waste streams.

→ Sustainable Materials

Whether we are recycling your products or not, our mission is to produce the highest quality, application specific recycled materials available. If you are seeking to add recycled content to your products, or are seeking a closed loop solution, our expertise can help you successfully source and use materials that are on their second life.

If you are not sure quite what you need, we’ll work with you from the ground up to define, document and demonstrate a solution, with meticulous attention to your unique situation. Contact us to learn more.