Better Product Lifecycle Management = Competitive Advantage

Businesses are becoming increasingly accountable for their products at every stage of the lifecycle. And many consumers want to make informed choices on how to consume responsibly. Companies who are overlooking these facts are behind the curve. Our goal is to change the way companies and consumers participate in the product lifecycle – because in reality it starts before purchase, and continues after use.

At Sustainable Performance Solutions, we are perfecting and scaling recycling for products, not just packaging. Most products are not recycleable – but many of their components and materials are. Recovering and converting those materials requires a long term commitment across industries. For products and materials that aren’t currently recyclable we’re pioneering global product take-back programs and creating innovative infrastructure and technology to recycle them.

The results? Companies and consumers can help reduce natural resource consumption. Product designers get new sustainable material options providing consumers the eco-friendly products they need and want.

Whether you need to put your organization on an accelerated sustainability path or use intelligently recycled ingredients in your products, SPS has the vision and expertise needed to turn your environmental challenges into a competitive advantage.

Specialists in Product Stewardship

Your business is measured on sales growth and profitability. So allocating resources to designing and managing your product stewardship program is not your #1 priority. But your customers, partners and community will appreciate and reward your efforts. That is where we come in.

We understand how to collect and recycle complex products and hard-to-recycle materials – and to do so in a way that’s both business-friendly and sustainably sound. Businesses can trust SPS to design and operate a customized and impactful product stewardship program deliverying the benefits of recovering, recycling and reporting without the hassle. Focusing on these three R’s converts your disposal costs to sustainability investments, transforms your waste footprint to reusable resources and repositions you from product producer to product steward.

Find the sweet spot for your triple bottom line, where people, planet and profit create the ultimate performance – sustainable performance. Accelerate your green growth. Contact us now to learn more.