SPS has partnered with various high-end athletic footwear companies to deliver a brand-new product for athletes around the world: Sole Revolution, a synthetic turf infill made from worn-out athletic shoes and high grade footwear manufacturing scrap rubber.

Durable, made of non-marking rubber, virtually odorless and with a lower “thermal response” than traditional alternatives, Sole Revolution offers a practical, affordable 100-percent-recycled solution that can be tailored to meet a wide range of sport and field system requirements.  It is the premier infill for installers, architects, purchasers and players alike.

Learn more about Sole Revolution below, or visit the website now.

No Compromises

Our athletic footwear partners harness a relentless focus on peak performance of their shoes and apparel. And it is in this simultaneous pursuit of more sustainable solutions, our partners went, and continue to go, many steps further, developing new materials and making dramatic reductions in the use of undesirable substances. As a result, Sole Revolution’s synthetic turf infill has the chemical and physical properties of the best consumer grade rubber available, reducing risk and worry for athletes. Whether you are responding to new community mandates, or simply have a serious commitment to safety, you can be confident that Sole Revolution leads the field of infill alternatives.

A Sustainability Story that Matters

Our partners share a commitment to practical product stewardship that reduces the lifecycle impacts of production. Sole Revolution spans both pre- and post-consumer rubber applications, and our long-term strategic vision is one of a kind. This compelling sustainability story and the valued connections with our footwear partners, will provide you with the competitive advantage you and every athlete who uses your field demands.

Get product specs, buying info and more now at Sole-Revolution.com.